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Beach Horses – Bradenton, Florida

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Horseback Riding on the Beach and Swimming with Horses. Everyone will have a great time riding these well-trained horses in such a beautiful setting. Check out the video below! All ages/abilities welcome. Wild dolphins! Two rides offered daily.

Horseback Riding on the Beach

What differentiates Great World Nature Tours from other horseback riding stables?

Beach Horses
They are the only horseback riding stable in the State of Florida that offers horseback riding on the beach and swimming with horses. So far as we know, They are the only outfitter on Earth that offers Horse Surfing.

If you have questions about Horseback riding on the Florida beachclick here

Things to do on the Gulf Coast

Website: Great World Nature Tours

Great World Nature Tours
8400 Manatee Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34209

(941) 907-7272

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16 Responses to “Beach Horses – Bradenton, Florida”

  1. COLTEN Says:


  2. Angie Flores Says:

    Need reservation for the last week of June 2009 but cannot make the online calendar work for me. Please let me know who to contact. Thanks

  3. Karen Says:

    I will be in Bradenton the first few weeks in August, 2009. Will I be able to contact anyone for a trip horseback riding on the beach?

  4. Amy McDonald Says:

    We’ll be in Florida with our horses in October. Will toy allow us to bring them and ride on the beach?
    Amy McDonald

  5. lynsey smith Says:

    We are from the UK and looking to do horse riding on the beach, we are in Orlando, West Palm beach, Marathon and Miami – can we do horse riding on the beach in/near any of these places??

  6. Jennifer Nelson Says:

    I would like to get some pictures with me and my husband riding in our wedding attire? Is this possible for the upcoming spring?? Please let me know!
    -Jena Nelson

  7. morgan Says:

    how much is it?????????

  8. ashley Says:

    got a question.. i want my senior pictures on MY horse on the beach is this possible or are only your horses allowed. i want my pictures before i donate my horse to a local place that does rides for disabled children. hes my baby and i need pictures. please contact me back.

  9. Kelly Smith Says:

    We are in the panhandle and offer riding on the beach. We have moonlit packages, couple’s packages, etc. Please call for info 850-899-7433.

  10. Latrecia Says:

    Where can I trailer my horse out to ride on a beach? I want to go this week and hire a photographer to take pictures while we are there…Anyone???

  11. Christina Says:

    If you are coming to Bradenton, check out the Village of the Arts.

    The Village of the Arts is a vibrant community of artists living and working together in Bradenton, Florida. With over forty artists, the Village is Florida’s largest art community. ArtWalks fill the streets with art lovers looking for affordable fine art, jewelry, ceramics, designer wear and collectibles of all kinds. You’ll also find inviting bookstores, gourmet cafes and many special events.

    Most galleries are open Saturdays and many have extended hours during the week.

    Posted by Christina M. Lee
    Lee Shore Gallery
    Village of the Arts
    1023b 12th Street West
    Bradenton, Florida
    (Physically located around the corner facing 11th Ave.

  12. Two-bit Stable Says:

    Horseback Riding on the Beach in Cape San Blas, Florida. Check out our website at or call 850-227-4744 for information and reservations. Starting at $50 per hour.

  13. Jenny Spraker Says:

    Cannot find the prices on the site … Would you send it to the email above .. j.

  14. Bill @ Horse Collectables Says:

    This looks like a fantastic fun, one to put on the to do list

  15. Tim Mattox Says:

    For more info about booking a ride, prices, schedule, etc., just go to Click in the big pink button that says “Booking Info”.

  16. Steven Moore Says:

    We are coming down there in March just not real sure of the time line. How far in advance do I need to schedule for the Beach Horseback Rides for 2 or 4 adults?

    Thank You
    Steven Moore
    Lincoln Ne

    Steven – you left this msg on my travel blog instead of clicking thru to the actual website of Great World Adventures. They can answer your questions.

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