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Zimmerman Christmas – Balboa Island, California

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zimmerman-christmas-lights.jpgZimmerman Christmas Lights – Newport Beachs’ first residential computerized light show

MUSIC, MOTION, AND MERRIMENT – - Newport Beach, California is home of the annual “Christmas Boat Parade”, known as one of the ten best Christmas viewing events in the country. This award-winning house, located on Balboa Island in the middle of the Newport Harbor, is viewed by thousands of visitors who came by car, by foot, and by boat!

No wonder so many people stop to gaze at the lighted wonderland. There is animated action galore. While Christmas carols play in the background, “snow” drifts from the rooftop dispensed from a manufactured snow machine. On the rooftop, Santa waves from a chopper with rotating blades and a gingerbread man jumps on a lighted trampoline. Lighted wheels rotate on a choo-choo train; a tin soldier drums his drums; a snowman tips his hat; a gyrating Santa Claus dances; and even an illuminated Hula Dancer’ wiggles back and forth!

The house is anchored on one side by an eye-stopping 25 foot green blinking Christmas tree. On the other side the eight foot wide chimney is draped in a carpet of red lights inter-mixed with white lights that vertically spell “Balboa Island”. Blinking candy canes, stockings, bells, and snowflakes all add to the fun. There are 24,000 light bulbs in all.

Winning the admiration and gratitude of all who visit, the house has earned many prestigious awards: “1st Place Lights and Animation” and from the Newport Harbor Chamber of Commerce and “Photographer’s Choice”(the sponsors of the Boat Parade), and the “Best Animation” award from the Balboa Island Association. The house and its owner have also been featured in a PBS television special and newspaper articles.

What makes it all so amazing, owner Greg Zimmerman does all of the work himself, and makes many of the lighted decorations as a year round hobby. He’s always alert to searching for new light ideas and creations while on far flung vacations.

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3 Responses to “Zimmerman Christmas – Balboa Island, California”

  1. Maureen Says:

    I*d love to take my kids to check out these lights! What*s the address?

  2. Rockwall Christmas Lights Says:

    I commented on an earlier post that I’ve been installing Christmas lights in my home town of Rockwall, TX since the late 1980′s. I keep a look out for great, TASTEFUL, holiday lighting displays and have traveled long distances to see quite a few in person. A couple of years ago I made my way to Cali and visited several terrific locations, the Christmas Boat Parade being a must see. I had a chance to speak with several people who insisted I see the Zimmerman house. The Christmas lights on all the boats was terrific, but seeing the lighting installation at the house made my entire trip.

  3. Greg Zimmerman Says:

    The display is located at 327 Sapphire Avenue, Balboa Island (Newport Beach) Zip 92662. Photos & more information can be found at

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