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Mountain & River Adventures – Kernville, California

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White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting on the Kern River, followed by Prime Rib at Ewing’s On the Kern, Kernville

Whether you are a beginner looking to “get your feet wet,” or an experienced rafter with a daring spirit, the wild and scenic Kern River and Mountain & River Adventures has just the rafting tour for you. There are beginner sections for all ages 5 and up, and advanced sections for the experienced rafter. If you have a thirst for thrills, we can quench that thirst with a sip or a gulp! At Mountain & River Adventures you can enjoy the Kern River in either big rafts or solo and double inflatable kayaks. Class I, II AND III rapids. It’s fun for all abilities and perfect for the pocket book. Getting drenched on Big Daddy, Twisted Sister, Little Las Vegas, Ewing’s Rapid and the Powerhouse III+ puts the icing on the cake, or water on the lap.

Things to Do in Kernville

One of my favorite restaurants is Ewing’s On the Kern, overlooking the Kern River. They serve the best old-fashioned steaks and cocktails. Perfect when you’ve had an adrenaline and sun filled day rafting.

Websites: Mountain & River Adventures, Ewing’s On the Kern

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Mountain & River Adventures
11113 Kernville Rd
Kernville, CA 93238


Ewing’s On the Kern
125 Buena Vista Dr
Kernville, CA 93238


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