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Around the Travel Blogs – My Favorite California Posts

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California in August is fantastic – Here’s some places you should visit! I’ve scanned the California travel blogs and some travel bloggers from out of the area to find tips for your summer vacation.

Orange Hill Restaurant overlooking Disneyland While much of the United States is suffering in hot, humid sweaty conditions, California is paradise. Sure it may be hot … but it’s a dry heat. And at the California coast, it’s easy breezy.

Lake Tahoe
San FranciscoSan FranciscoSan Francisco — San Francisco
Santa Cruz
Big SurBig Sur
Pismo Beach
Santa Barbara
Santa Monica
Venice Beach
Beverly Hills
Los AngelesLos AngelesLos Angeles
Huntington Beach
Newport Beach
Laugna Beach
La Jolla
San DiegoSan DiegoSan Diego

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6 Responses to “Around the Travel Blogs – My Favorite California Posts”

  1. AJ - Fantastic Travels Says:

    Never been to Cali, but always fancied San Francisco as one of my next US trips. Glad you’re enjoying a great Summer. Here in England we usually just hope for a full week of Summer. Thanks for the links to other US Cities.


  2. Alexis Says:

    This is a great blog! Love traveling in California and along the coast. Santa Barbara is one of my favorite cities. SO much to do there and it never gets boring. I love whale watching and wine tasting. I was just there and we had a great time doing just that. We staying at the Sandman Inn ( So affordable and in the best possible location.

  3. Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney Says:

    That is a fantastic looking view of the city, just look at it! Cool places too, thanks for posting them in such quality.

  4. Becky GlobalGrasshopper Says:

    Hey thanks for the mention! Love the blog I’m just about to check out more things to do!

  5. Anya Says:

    Cool blog man! California is just one of those states that has everything you could want and could probably survive as its own country. Lake Tahoe is my favorite for snow, some of the best skiing around. San Diego has great surf and shopping. Santa Barbara is great for wine tasting and a bit of a small town feel but not small enough that you’re walking one block to another and you’ve seen everything! it used to be my home town and it was the best place to grow up. Tons of things to do and I love going back. I tend to stay right outside of town to save a buck here and there at the South Coast Inn (

  6. Cristian P Says:

    Glad you hit all the hot spots in LA-Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice. Great places to hang out and see some great new things and meet some new interesting people. Santa Barbara is very nice as well-a big enough city that you can get lost but small enough that is has a very cozy and rich appeal. I was just there and had a great time hiking the coast and frontal region. Beautiful views, you fully understand why they call it the American Rivera. Stayed at the Sandman Inn ( Inexpensive and perfectly located.

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